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Offer a currency exchange based website which provides you daily rate updates on how the foreign exchange rates is moving as well as the foreign exchange market. In addition offering money transfer companies that can offer you the best foreign exchange rates. Subscribe to Banking foreign exchange rates by email to get today's Interbank Rates.

How much do Banks make on Currency Exchange Transfer?

On an typical purchase for buying a property overseas at £150,000. On a single currency exchange transfer you could be losing over £5211 that's how much banks make when you are exchanging international money transfers with them?

In addition there will be transfer charges and in most cases it will take longer to send your money using a bank especially if you are buying exotic currency which you will get anywhere from 8% to 10% less currency.

Billions of pounds as well as other currencies are traded every hour. International money transfers range from consumers using for personal use like buying a property abroad to businesses such as sole traders, small to medium sized businesses transferring money ranging from hundreds of pounds to millions of pounds daily.

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More Info Need to transfer over £5000 overseas? Currencies Direct can open you an account for free for all personal money transfers and there is no obligation to make a currency exchange rate trade.

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More Info No more guessing is this the best rate i am going to get. Currencies Direct offer free business advice when you open a trading account, They can advise you when to make a money transfer and at the best rate.

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So how do currency transfer firms stack up to the banks?

- Minimum 3% better rates (rate improved on amount).
- No minimum amount to be transferred internationally.
- No currency fees when you transfer over £5000.
- Transfer of currency sent in 24 hrs in Europe.
- Transfer of currency sent 2 - 3 days Worldwide.
- See interbank bank rates for banking suppliers.

Currency exchange transfer rates for today are displayed on the right hand side of each page of our website. The currency transfer rates are updated every 15 min. This rate as well as a live rate is an indication only as the rate changes constantly.Once you are ready just open a trade account, then you can send international payments overseas.

International money transfer fees

Standard money transfer where you can transfer any amount, any currency pairs to any country.
International money transfers can take as long as 4 days due to local variations. For a standard transfer you will need Recipient's bank name, account number, sort code and the cost is £20 per transfer.
The foreign exchange bank will also make a charge. You can choose to pay only their charges, to pay all the charges or to have the recipient to pay all the charges.

Urgent money transfers where any amount and any currency to any country which will be delivered within 1-2 working days. Alternatively a chaps payment can be paid for and you pay £20 a transfer.

(In countries with electronic banking systems) you will need Recipient's bank name, account number, sort code and 4 working days for International money transfers variations due to local changes.

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Foreign bank draft which is a single payment, but post payment so less secure where you order a few days in advance from your branch. You should allow 5 days to order your draft where you must then deliver your draft to the recipient.Recipient's name, the country you are sending the money to. The currency of the payment (more details on form) which will cost £8 a draft for amounts up to £100 or £18 per draft for over £100.

See our new exchanging rates tables which are one click away from opening a new currency trading account.Banks have a wide range of transfer methods to choose from, including:

Relay where you can transfer up to £5,000 in local foreign exchange rates for single or regular payments. International money transfers take up to 5 days depending on local variations. You will need the Recipient's bank name, account number, banking Bic, sort code and swift number. The average transfer cost is £10 per transfer.

Why there is demand for International money transfers

All types of businesses need to pay for overseas suppliers for example, a european supplier sending goods to the UK and payment for the rate of exchange is made in euros or say more commonly consumers buying holiday money before taking a trip or holiday overseas.
A business that requires a currency conversion from payments they have received from a customer which wants to be converted into pounds before putting it in their account. A business that transfers any profits made from their overseas office account to the base currency.

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