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The Lloyds Interbank table below displays the currencies and exchange rates for Lloyds daily updated. You can also use Lloyds Exchange Rates converter to get the latest conversion rates to or from Sterling.

The currency converter and exchange rate board contain indication rates only and are updated daily by Lloyds. These rates exclude any other associated charges which may apply. Please ask your Lloyds branch for details of Lloyds exchange rates before you make the transaction.

Lloyds bank account

When it comes to dealing with those critical situations, when your options thin out to an impossible alternative-trust, then get yourself the Lloyds Silver account. The account aids customers with unique travel and maintenance constants. Where existing financial institutions go quiet about age benefits Lloyds through its Lloyds Silver account declares travel benefits levied till you turn 65 years old.

The salient features of Llyods bank account :

Your silver account guarantees exclusive European Travel Insurance plan to aid your travel expenses and untold critical situations. Lloyds considers family matters more than anything. Thus, under the plan, the benefits automatically cover up your partner’s requirements. The conditions are workable for 22 consecutive days in each trip. The service is honoured as a five star “Defaqto”.

The account provider’s AA Breakdown Cover is self explanatory. It delivers the account holder a prime UK Roadside Assistance program, each time you face transport hazards. The scheme can be availed both in the case of the owner’s car or other.

Having discussed about your travel supports and your car oriented assistance, Lloyds has developed insurance plans to cover up your mobile phone crisis. Instances like loss, breakdown, and untold damage can be covered up through this specific insurance policy. Even you can handle the charges against unauthorised calls with it, provided you own a listed handset.

The money transfer card which comes along with the silver account, empowers the clients with additional privileges like transferring money to overseas locations. The alternative is equally lucrative as a money managing tool. Herein, we are referring to the Travel Money Card which allows travel enthusiasts to make the most of their trips without having to worry about their cash.

With the interest rates incurred up to 4.00% on account balance ranging between £5,000 and £7,000, you can benefit more by adding up Vantage with the existing current account. Securing your card details is one of the prime concerns. Keeping this in mind, the company has developed Sentinel Card Protection tool. Expand your avenues and chances to yield the most out of Llyods bank account by registering for the Lloyds TSB Airmiles Travel Service.

The customer can accumulate Airmiles and can even avail 6.5% discount under applied conditions. Apart from this, the TBS Visa card provided along with the account can be utilised through cash machine both in UK and abroad. The grace period to prevent overdraft charges is limited till 3:30 pm in the day of purchase. One can also access the Lloyds bank account details through telephone banking and online banking alternatives.

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