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Best bank exchange rates comparison. Cheapest money transfer agencies providing alternatives to your current banking partner. Don't lose money on larger money transfer payments internationally. Use our banking exchange rates comparison website to find banks with the best exchange rate and who offers the best currency providers today. Our live banking rates offer you comparable and cheaper currencies to pick the right foreign exchange company. Bank foreign exchange rates is a currency exchange website, providing you with daily currency rate updates on how the exchange rates markets are currently moving. This information will enable you to calculate and compare transfer money companies before you make your international payment.

Bank Currency Exchanges Rate Comparison

4% more money when not using your mainstream bank. Plus save on paying no transfer charges and your money can arrive the same day rather than sending your money by bank payment. Billions of pounds along with every other currency are being traded every minute and every hour. No matter what the size of your business is from sole trading to small businesses to medium-sized businesses transferring money ranging from hundreds of pounds to millions of pounds daily. Could you be getting ripped off by your current supplier?

How much do Banks make on My Currency Transfer?

Advantages when using foreign exchange company vs your bank?

  1. 4% Better foreign exchange rates than your high street bank.
  2. Free transfer fees over £5000.
  3. Your money is sent the same day.
  4. Your very own personal or business account manager to take you through every step.
  5. Your account manager will give you jargon-free currency advice.
  6. Currency Options offering variable possibilities.
  7. Currency exchange rate protection and monitor currency fluctuations.
  8. Protection of funds. Money received and sent from a client account which is separate and protected.
  9. All companies listed are FCA registered and authorized.
  10. Track your payments using your mobile app or ability to track your money live.

Disadvantages for money transfers when using your high street bank.

  1. Commission Fees and Charges.
  2. You will be quoted 4% less currency.
  3. High street banks charge transfer fees ranging from £7 and £40.
  4. You may have to pay receiving banks charges.
  5. Your transfer can take from 1 day to 3 days on average to reach the account destination.
  6. There are many currency options available but banks will not offer you these.
  7. High street branch staff have no experience in currency exchange.
  8. With most banks bailed out by governments, are they really considered a safe option?.
  9. No foreign exchange rate protection.
  10. Limitations set by banks ranging from £10,000 set daily limit to £100,000et daily limit.

A purchase for buying property abroad for £100,000. On average a minimum of £3200 profit will be made when your banks offer you their best exchange rates. The profit will be much higher with Exotic currencies and that is just based on the currency exchange rate and not banking fees both ways that are charged.

Making an everyday money transfer payment with the ability to transfer any currency pairs, for any amount and to any country? The first part of the process is to complete an application form and provide (KYC) documentation. KYC means 'know your customer'. This way an international money transfer can be tracked from start to finish. Money transfer agencies will on average send your money the same day but can take 24 hours plus and will depend on timezones and when the money markets are open. Taking into account local variations your bank can take up to 4 days. Note a transfer fee differs depending on your bank they can charge from £7 to £40 but this could be higher depending on recipient's bank charges.

In most cases, businesses and consumers are not worried about paying for the transfer but more about tracking the payment and the timescales for delivery of funds. On a recent poll conducted 85% said they would rather pay a fee to ensure the safety and security of funds to arrive the same day. People and businesses want transfers done instantly and expect security as part of the process.

Cheapest High St Bank Currency Rates
  • Live Interbank Rates. - See what rate the interbank is and what margin rate you are being offered. Please note you will never get Interbank rate as this is the price everyone works from.
  • 197 Countries
 and 48 Currencies. - Pick a currency provider that can exchange the currencies of your choice. The more they trade in a certain currency the better the rate they can offer.
  • Low Fees Or No Fees. - No transfer fee but if you have to pay to ensure its a low flat fee of £7 per transfer. It should be free if you're spending £5,000 or more.
  • Booking currency should take a few clicks. - Opening an account should be painless and easy to do. Most offer 24/7 online or over the phone.
  • Currency Account Managers. - Experienced in understanding currency fluctuations and what affects the markets. A currency manager can assist you with any questions you may have and answered in simple English.
  • Fast, Safe, Secure, and Instant. - Once you pay for the transfer it should thereafter be a fast delivery service. Some companies will provide complete communication with every step of the way for your money transfer even by mobile app.
  • What is the average payment time for International bank transfers? A standard money transfer is where you can send any amount or any currency pairs to any country. This will take from 24 hours to as long as 4 days due to local variations. 

    So for a standard money transfer, you will need?
  • 1. Recipient's Bank Name.
  • 2. Account Number and Sort Code, IBAN, Swift, and Banking address.
  • 3. Pay the £7 to £40 transfer if using your bank.

One quick way is to provide your chosen currency exchange broker with BIC codes which can be found in your bank statements this takes into consideration local banking variations or if you're not sure just send them a copy.

Best Exchange Rates Today

So which High Street Banks are offering the best Exchange Rates Today? The foreign exchange bank that is receiving the money will also make a charge. Your options are then to choose to pay only their charges or to pay all the charges or the option to have the recipient to pay all the charges. Just Compare currency companies.