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Barclays Bank

Barclays Bank

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Barclays Bank Exchange Rates

Barclays Bank Exchange Rates review. Large international money transfer payments. Review currency exchange rates, foreign exchange charges for Barclays banking.
Barclays banks have a very convenient and easy to use online banking system that allows account holders to make international payments in both US dollars and Euros at the convenience of a push of a button.

Sending money to European countries with Barclays?
You can use Barclays Bank Online Banking, Mobile Banking or over the counter branch platforms, you can make transfers of U.S dollars or Euros to most European countries. If you a Premier account holder, you can make these international payments over the phone. Online banking transfer fees are £5 per transaction or £15 at your local branch. The fees can be deducted from the amount received by the payee or paid by the transferor at the bank when sending the amount.

Transferring international payments to SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area) countries, you can use the mobile banking platform and for transfers to countries that are outside the SEPA region, you can use the Online Banking platform only. Some of these countries that fall outside SEPA jurisdiction include Albania, Bosnia, Macedonia and Turkey to mention a few. A full list of SEPA countries is available on Barclays bank international payments online page.

Barclays Exchange Rates

If you send money via any of these platforms before 3 pm, the recipient can receive the amount after one working day. If sent before 4 pm the transfer of payment will be received after two working days.

What do you need to send money? You will need the recipients full name and account number; the address of the recipients Bank branch; the recipients IBAN (International Bank Account Number); and the recipientâs bank SWIFT BIC code if it is a non-SEPA international payment transfer.

Sending money to the U.S with Barclays?
To make international payments to the U.S in dollars, you can use the Online Banking or Mobile Banking platforms at a standard fee of £15. If these payments are made before 5.30 p.m. then the payee can receive the transfer that same business day. 

To send other currencies aside from dollars, you will have to use the Online Banking platform or over the counter branch banking system. Transfers made before 6 p.m will arrive the same day for Online Banking while at the branch, if you want the payment to be received that same day, it will cost you £40 and must be made before 2 p.m. If not, the standard time for transfer is two working days and a fees of £25 if the payment is made before 4 p.m. If you want to make international payments in any other currencies apart from US dollars or Euros, you have to consult your local branch manager to find out the applicable transfer fees and durations. Just like transfers to Europe, Premier account holders can make these transfers over the phone. In addition to the standard requirements to make these international payments, some U.S banks require the ABA (American Bankers Association) routing code of the recipient bank.

Barclays Large International Money Transfers Payments

Sending money to other parts of the world with Barclays?
Barclays bank allows you to transfer international payments to over 200 countries and in over 50 currencies. To make international payments to some parts of the world, you can only send money by visiting your local branch and therefore it is important to consult your bank before attempting to make online or mobile transfers that may not work. Some of these countries include Algeria, Colombia, and Egypt to name but a few. The requirements are the same as European international payments and take about the same amount of time.

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