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Excel Currencies Review - Large Payments in Foreign Currency Exchange

Excel Currencies Review

Excel Currencies Review

Minimum Transfer
Max Transfer Fee
Margin Rate
Rate Per Single Unit
5000 GBP
gets you
FCA Regulated
5,842.35 EUR
FCA Regulated

Currencies is one of the world's leading independent foreign currency
suppliers, consisting of a dedicated team of professionals with more
than 35 years of experience in the market. We
specialize in providing unprecedented service and competitive
commercial tariffs for all our customers, from the private sector to our
corporate accounts. We are proud of our personal customer service and individual
solutions offered to all our customers, regardless of the amount they

tirelessly strive to improve the goals and standards that we set, so we
were nominated for various business awards in 2008, 2009 and 2011. 2013 will be another test of our determination to improve, establish standards and succeed. We started it in true Excel Currencies mode with the launch of our new
website, online trading and international payment platform.

2013, a number of other products will also be presented, such as local
payment and collection in more than 8 countries (followed by later),
Barclays Pingit payments, more than 250,000 cash collection points
around the world, e-wallet features and prepaid travel cards. Watch this space, 2013 will be an exciting year for us and our customers. Excel Currencies aim to provide the best level of customer service and guarantee an unbeatable exchange rate. This combined with our modern market analysis allows us to maximize the return of our customers for their money.

can be sure that we maintain the highest professional standards and
ethics and ensure consistency of service and best rates, in a timely
manner, every time. This will ultimately have a positive impact on you and your business.

Advantages of sales

• We will save money for your customers with the best exchange rate
guarantee, which will reduce the cost of purchasing your product /
service, maximizing the chances of sealing the deal.
• Our specialists will help to reduce sales, fearing fluctuations in
exchange rates and the hassle of international money transfers.
• We will consider possible strategies that will help prevent
financial losses between the signed contracts and the final transaction.
• By recommending a currency partner you trust to provide the rates
and services that you give, you reduce the need for the customer to make
purchases elsewhere and increase customer satisfaction.
• We offer financial and presentation support at your seminars and
exhibitions to help your clients plan ahead, get the best exchange rate
and lower the cost of purchasing your product / service.
• Online access to our marketing tools includes all the online support you need to connect our services to your customers.
• You will have full access to our callback team who will contact your
old customer database to re-qualify the old leaders and offer our
services to customers who are currently sending payments through the
• All employees of the companies we work with will receive a cost price for their personal money transfers.

Operational advantages

We will provide you with 3 basic contacts, a specialized partner
consultant for relationship management, overseeing the transactions of
your customers and regular feedback on their progress. The payment specialist should have any questions about the payment in transit and the manager of the poet for anything else.
• We will send a payment confirmation for customer transactions to help you manage payment schedules.

Financial benefits

We are the leading payers of commissions in the UK, offering partners
up to 50% depending on the delivered volume, providing you with an
additional income stream. This will be accompanied by a detailed monthly commission report, ensuring full transparency of the commissions due.

Safety of funds

buying or selling a currency, we have your funds stored on any of our
bank accounts with a trust bank that meets the requirements set by the
FCA Financial Behavior Department, formerly known as the FSA Financial
Services Authority. The
funds can be used to fully fulfill the contractual obligations of our
customers, but they will never be anywhere except on individual customer
accounts, in our bank or on the way, that is, when sending.


Unblock any potential risks associated with EXCEL CURRENCIES LIMITED,
based on in-depth analysis of financial figures for the year, company
reports, CCJ and official Gazetet data.

Includes free reports on credit reports, e-mail alerts and House documents.

What is included in the report?

Credit ScoreIn the rating from 1 to 100 points indicates the likelihood that EXCEL CURRENCIES LIMITED will become insolvent within a year. We constantly monitor events related to risks, and update you whenever changes occur
Credit limit

The recommended credit limit ensures that the terms of the loan can be reconciled with certainty. Calculated by analyzing annual financial statements and living events,
the credit limit is adjusted whenever the company's solvency is called
into question.

Judicial decisions of the District Court

View the dates and values ​​of any paid or unpaid CCJs registered with EXCEL CURRENCIES LIMITED in the last 6 years. Judgments relate to the debt settled by the court, and have a significant impact on the company's credit rating.

Mortgages and fees

See Combined value of all satisfied and outstanding loans registered in the House of Companies. You can easily analyze by type, date, status and those who owe the
debt, since these reports are provided in the form of interactive

Key factors

Understand the key events that contribute to the current loan status of EXCEL CURRENCIES LIMITED. From
financial and industry analysis to the work of the director and group,
an understanding of the methods used to calculate risk allows you to
make informed decisions with confidence.

Product Features

  • Banks offering International Payments: Banks offering International Payments
  • Buy Holiday Money Online: Buy Holiday Money Online
  • Cash Payments: Cash Payments
  • Make Instant Payments Under £1000: Make Instant Payments Under £1000
  • One off Large Currency Transactions: One off Large Currency Transactions
  • Remittance Providers in the UK: Remittance Providers in the UK
  • Send Regular Transfers Overseas: Send Regular Transfers Overseas
  • Commission Rate: %

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Excel Currencies Review
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