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Bank Exchange Rates HSBC Review



Minimum Transfer
Max Transfer Fee
Margin Rate
Rate Per Single Unit
5000 GBP
gets you
FCA Regulated
5,592.18 EUR
FCA Regulated

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HSBC Bank Exchange Rates

HSBC Bank Exchange Rates review. Making large international money transfer payments. Review currency exchange prices, foreign exchange rate for HSBC online banking.
Bank exchange rates for HSBC bank are do not offer a live currency feed from their website. The currency exchange rate is updated manually on a daily basis. If you want to get the bank exchange rates HSBC then you need have a bank account with HSBC. You can then log in to their online banking system where you can then see the exchange rates when you wish to purchase foreign exchange. You can also use HSBC Exchange Rates converter to get the latest conversion rates to or from Sterling.

HSBC Bank Premier

HSBC Bank exchange rates are the world’s local bank has come out with another trend-setting investment options with HSBC Premier with lots of value added services and easy accessibility through dedicated net banking. So wherever you are in the world you can have instant access to HSBC investments and at the same time accrue huge benefits for your family and friends.

Fixing your rate ahead of making your exchange with a fixed forward contract with HSBC

  • HSBC can help move money or convert into the currency of your choice in over 19 different currencies.
  • A foreign exchange transaction set at a pre-agreed rate for completion on an agreed future date
  • This rate is guaranteed even if there are movements in the foreign currency markets
  • Minimum amount of £10,000 or currency equivalent
  • Maximum period of 12 months, longer available in certain currencies
  • All foreign currency exchanges have 0% commission

Bank Exchange Rates HSBC

Fixing your rate in advance for completion between two dates with an option forward contract with HSBC.

  • A foreign exchange transaction set at a pre-agreed rate for completion between two future dates
  • This rate is guaranteed even if there are movements in the foreign currency markets
    Completion happens between two agreed dates
  • This is useful if an exact date for the exchange of foreign currency is unknown but you want to fix the exchange rate to give you peace of mind
  • Minimum amount of £10,000 or currency equivalent
  • A maximum period of 12 months, longer available in certain currencies.

What are the prime features?

You are now entitled with priority banking for everyday banking. There are dedicated premier centres around the world to help you manage your investment portfolio. A dedicated relationship manager is provided to answer all your queries regarding investment banking. You will be subjected to preferential HSBC rates as a part of your HSBC Premier Membership options. Worldwide emergency services are available to you for your each and every safety needs designed specifically keeping in mind you and your family priorities.

HSBC Exchange Rate

If you are on the verge of travelling abroad you are entitled to avail services even before you arrive and will be provided with a Premier account and mortgage deals. Our dedicated system management helps you manage your Premier accounts with just a click into your Premier login. This means you are now eligible for effective management of your money virtually. An HSBC premier MasterCard provided to you will support you in your shopping and entertainment desires in and out of your country. Such global perspectives not only enhance your banking flavour but give you peace of mind forever.

How HSBC Premier supports your relocation needs?

Whether you are on the verge of travelling abroad or already arrived in a foreign destination HSBC supports you in your relocation needs. The dedicated team of experts from HSBC will help you in all possible ways to structure your transfer with complete ease. You can easily set up a new Premier account with credit and debit cards. Not only can you manage your mortgage but also can transfer your credit history so that you face no difficulty in having the power of spending.HSBC dedicated team will assist you and keep you informed about local events, facilities and visitor services. You can have added benefits when you will be assigned a relationship manager who will always be found helpful whenever you face problems abroad.

Use the currency comparison calculator to see what the bank exchange rates HSBC are you can then choose to go straight to their website by clicking the link.
Please note * The currency converter and exchange rate board contain indication rates only and are updated daily by HSBC. These rates exclude any other associated charges which may apply. Please ask your HSBC branch for details of HSBC exchange rates before you make the transaction.

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