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Minimum Transfer
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Margin Rate
Rate Per Single Unit
5000 GBP
gets you
FCA Regulated
5,845.29 EUR
FCA Regulated

TorFX Bank Exchange Rates reviews currency brokers reviewed for International Money Transfers payments. Tor FX offers an online payment gateway where you can make fast, easy overseas money transfers.
TorFX has been offering bank-beating foreign exchanges and international money transfers and payments. They have operated for 100 years with excellent customer satisfaction. They are among the leading currency brokers and their goal is to offer great services at competitive exchange rates. The more the money you send, the less the transfer fee. They offer personal and business money transfer services fast, securely and conveniently.

To see how much cash can be saved. By using TorFX currency broker instead of the bank to make an international payment. Call TorFX currency broker and a bank and compare the exchange rate they both offer to carry out a transaction at the same time. Exchange rates fluctuate all of the time. So you will need to check one against the other immediately to make a true comparison. On larger transactions of over £50,000.  So you can save thousands of pounds by using a currency broker instead of the bank.

You can still save money on smaller transactions by using a TorFX broker. If you make regular international payments. TorFX currency broker will be happy to waive any transaction fee and will offer you competitive exchange rates. On average a private client sending money £1,000 on a monthly basis to Spain. Will save £300 annually by using a currency broker instead of the bank.

TorFX Money Transfers Payments

You also need to request for information on the company's accounts. And balance sheet from Companies House and some brokers will contact their banking providers for a reference letter for you to have.

When deciding whether to use a currency broker or the bank to make an international payment, weigh up the potential risk against the substantial savings that can be made. The checks mentioned in this article will help you to find a well established and reputable currency broker.

TorFX Business Foreign Exchange Brokers can help you to save thousands of pounds each year. By helping you to achieve better exchange rates than the banks offer. If you're paying for goods or services abroad or alternatively you need to pay international salaries to your employees. A currency brokerage can help you to mitigate your exchange rate risk.

TorFX Bank Exchange Rates

If you are fed up with achieving poor exchange rates. And unsatisfactory service from your bank when sending money abroad there is an alternative. TorFX Foreign exchange brokers can offer you specialist market knowledge and information about making an international payment. Brokers also allow you to use various buying or selling tools. Such as forwarding contracts and stop-loss orders to help you reduce your foreign exchange exposure and risk.

Unlike the banks, currency brokers do not offer a blanket tourist exchange rate each day to their corporate customers. The TorFX brokers offer far more competitive exchange rates that fluctuate throughout the day as the foreign exchange market does. Most brokers will waive fees for regular smaller transactions and do not charge any transaction fee on amounts above £5,000.

TorFX Business foreign exchange market watch facilities are available to help buy currency at the right time. And this can be arranged easily with a broker. Many businesses within the UK lose thousands of pounds each year through poor international payment management. Always work with TorFX among other reliable service providers.

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