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Ulster Bank

Ulster Bank

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Ulster Bank Exchange Rates

Ulster Bank Exchange Rates review. The bank of Ulster International payments for all existing customers, Interbank currencies and exchange rates for Ulster Banking.

Ulster Bank International payments reviews
Earlier money transection was a tough task especially currency exchanges abroad but thanks to the banks nowadays money transfer all around the world has become such an easy task. People can now transfer funds anywhere in the world easily in the other person's bank account without any hassle. Many banks these days offer international money transfer at different rate and offer to attract people. But one of them is ulster bank.

Ulster bank established in 1836 now operates in many states. The bank is well knows and trusted all across the globe for its excellent services and customer satisfaction. The bank is divided into two separate entity naming Ulster Bank Limited UBL and ulster Bank Ireland DAC. The bank offers one of the best money transfer methods at reasonable exchange rates. For them money transfer you don't need to necessarily have an account.

They also offer the service of just getting registered online and just a few clicks and your money will be on its way to the receiver. That's the power of smart banking. They have made the process so easy to understand that the user can transfer money anytime anywhere; this process is called electronic money transfer. The bank names it bank to bank electronic transfer where the funds are directly transferred to the receiver's bank account. In return they charge fees which are devoted before crediting from the sender's account. While receiver on the other hand has to fill some basic formalities like bank name, branch code, account number etc.

Ulster Exchange Rates

The bank offers numerous services in international money transfer, among which user can choose according to his feasibility and preference. For the transfer of funds service all you need is Debit card, card reader and IBAN and the job is done. Some of the services they offer are discussed below:

  • Standard transfer: this services usually takes time like 2-4 days and therefore requires low fees
  • Urgent transfer: people opt for this service when they are in hurry or the receiver need money on urgent basis. Therefor they charge more fee for this urgent service gets the money in 1-2 working days
  • Foreign draft: this service on total takes more time i.e. 5 days in overall money getting to the receiver.

  • Ulster Bank is serving people for the last 175 years have made their own standard in the market. They have become one of the preferred choices of people because of its excellent services. Offering good rates at online money transfer this bank is definitely a good choice for funds transfer.

The Ulster Bank (Northern Ireland) or the Banc Uladh, as the Irish call it is a large commercial bank. It is, in fact, one of the ‘Big Four’ banks in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. It is headquartered in Belfast. Ulster bank offers a guide to personal accounting fees and interest charges issued by the bank to ensure all terms and policies are transparent.

Ulster Large International Money Transfers Payments

The Ulster Bank Interbank table below displays the currencies and exchange rates for Ulster Bank daily updated. You can also use Ulster Bank Exchange Rates converter to get the latest conversion rates to or from Sterling.

The bank of Ulster currency converter and exchange rate board contain indication rates only and are updated daily by Ulster Bank. These rates exclude any other associated charges which may apply. Please ask your Ulster Bank branch for details of Ulster Bank exchange rates before you make the transaction.

The Ulster Bank (NI) Standard Current Account offers:

➢ A choice of 88 branches, so that you can bank close to home
➢ 24 hour access to your account via telephone and online banking
➢ The facility of getting weekly balances, mini-statements, and text alerts sent to your mobile phone. These are free of charge for personal customers. (Some networks may levy a charge).
➢ No transaction fees on standard transactions, though there are charges for additional services
• DebitCARD - allows you to pay for goods/services at home or abroad; withdraw cash from any ATM, worldwide
(the CashCARD is available only on Savings Accounts)
➢ Monthly statements, by post as well as online.
➢ The facility of getting mini-statements from the ATM, changing your PIN, and ordering cheque books

Since the Ulster Bank exchange rates values its customers, the service is personalised. You will be able to avail of specialised services to help you operate your Ulster (NI) Standard Current Account. In fact, a dedicated Customer Support team is available on Free Phone 0800 046 6486 from 8 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday and 9 am to 2 pm on Saturday.
Online applications for the Bank’s services can be done 24x7.
The Ulster Bank (NI) Standard Current Account is perfect for everyday banking needs. All it requires is that you be 16 or above to apply for an account. Further, you can apply either alone, or with someone else.

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