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Published on 7 February 2017 in More Information - Pages by Raffick Marday

Choose your currency by country by using our currency converters which are displayed on every page for easy access, from there you will be able to find all the information about what the exchange rates are for each country and be able to set up a free trading account to complete your money transfer quickly and easily.
If the country you wish to transfer money to is not on the list, don't worry this is because there are so many to list just contact us using our simple enquiry form and we will advise you whether we can make a money transfer to this location or make an alternative recommendation.

To find out more about booking forward rates just complete the quick request info form.

How to Complete a money transfer?
It couldn't be easier to transfer money with Bank Exchange Rates - just complete the international money transfer request form and one of our personal account managers will contact you by phone or email to complete your transfer, following the step-by-step process listed below.

How to make International Money Transfer payment

Completion of the international money transfer request form does not place you under any obligation to use our money transfer service; it simply enables us to review your details and to identify any queries we may have about your transfer request. If you would like us to call you to discuss any aspect of money transfers, please ensure you enter your telephone number and one of our personal account managers will be in touch.

Complete a money transfer Step One

Upon receipt of your international money transfer request form, we will check the details and phone or email back a completed official form for you to review with an application form that needs to be completed by all customers to follow new FSA guidelines. You will get an Indicative Rate for the currency you have requested, and will also give you a chance to check that the details you have sent us are correct.

Once the application form has been completed and signed with proof of ID (normally done electronically), We will then set up your account and your personal account manager will send you an Indicative Rate for the currency you have requested form which requires a signature and can be faxed back or completed online.

If you are in agreement for the money transfer to take place. You will then need to transfer to our bank the money you wish to use for your international money transfer. The bank account details are included on the form that will be sent to you, and payment to the client account can be made by online banking transfer, BACS or chaps. Regular account customers can make money transfer payments using debit cards.

Complete a money transfer Step Two

Upon receipt of the cleared funds to our account, we will confirm the exchange rate of your money transfer with you and process the international money transfer immediately.

Complete a money transfer Step Three

As soon as the money transfer has been processed and the transferred funds have left the country, you will receive an email confirmation that contains a unique reference number for your money transfer. Please keep this for your records.

If you are looking to transfer a large amount of money, we may require additional information in accordance with money laundering compliance regulations. If your money transfer is for a larger amount, one of our personal account managers will contact you about this procedure.

be aware of additional charges for a money transfer

Your international money transfer may be subject to transfer charges on low transactions.
Some banks use an intermediary bank to process money transfers on their behalf, and these banks may make an administration charge. All receiving banks make an administration charge for receiving money transfers. We are unable to advise on these charges as they vary from bank to bank and country to country. It can also depend on the arrangement the recipient of the transfer has with the bank.

These are not Bank Exchange Rates charges or the foreign exchange partners charges and we are unable to accept responsibility for any amount deducted following your money transfer. Please check with the recipient, especially if the amount of your money transfer is critical, e.g. payment of bills or property purchase.

Money transfer Restrictions?
We regret that we are unable to carry out some currency money transfers and cash transactions due to money laundering regulations.

We have no minimum or maximum restrictions on the amount of money you wish to transfer. Simply make your cleared funds available to us and we will take care of your money transfer.

Why transfer money to us?

There are many reasons why people use bank exchange rates is the best choice for international money transfers. We only partner with the best foreign exchange companies who offer a much faster service than bank transfers as our money transfers take just two working days to reach countries in Western Europe and North America, and four working days for the rest of the world. In comparison, bank transfers can take much longer to clear. In some cases, our money transfer system will even clear funds on the same day.

Our money transfer rates are based on currency dealing, meaning our money transfer service can be particularly advantageous for businesses carrying out larger currency transactions. If you need an international remittance for business transfers, please complete our business transfer request form.

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