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Published on 11 February 2017 in More Information - Pages by Raffick Marday

Buying a holiday home or emigrating can we one of the most important decisions we ever make both in terms of lifestyle and finances and of course for most of the way through the process there are people to guide you and help you right up until the moment you have to actually pay for what your buying.

There is plenty of choice on where you choose to buy, plenty of choice on who you are going to buy it from with developers and estate agents queuing up to help you and there is plenty of help via a myriad of websites on all the small things like letting arrangements or furnishings.

The choice is well used as well with the majority looking to land a better deal for their money to either purchase cheaper or get slightly more than they originally thought by using these choices to barter for the best deal. That is right up to the end and it really doesn’t matter how diligent people have been.
How careful to read all the small print, how clever to squeeze another couple of hundred pounds off the house purchase they then go and ruin all that good work by going to their Bank and asking them to change their sterling into Euros and please will they let them know how many Euros they have, thanks very much.

Transferring large amounts of money between banks UK

I can just imagine you sitting now and saying to yourself, yes, but our money is on a UK Bank and our seller wants Euros and this is the only part of the process you can search online for websites like bank exchange rates that will help you with saving on international money transfers overseas.

Banks have made an art out of quietly going about their business and dealing in foreign currency with no competition and keeping the mystification of money transfers there solely to ensure their own margins get bigger and bigger. As I said it doesn’t matter how hard you work on saving money or getting the best deal on international money transfers most Banks are going to charge you between 2% and 5% just to change your money up, that’s £2000 to £5000 on a house purchase of £100,000.

There are over a million Britons with homes abroad now and just think if the average price of those properties was £100,000 and the UK Banks made £2000 per home then they have taken a staggering £2 billion out of those customers on international money transfers.

Save 5% when making international money transfer online

Save thousands on money transfers by shopping around
Well now you do have a choice, recently there has been a proliferation of companies opening up solely to service the property abroad buyer and they are saving those buyers thousands of pounds a time.

At my company Bank exchange rates, we service thousands of individuals and small businesses by delivering their foreign currency overseas at a much better rate than the Bank.

In fact, we guarantee a better rate, therefore, guaranteeing to directly save you money.
How can we do that? Well at Bank exchange rates we have direct access to not just one foreign exchange company but hundreds offering money transfers at the best financial market rates.

As bank exchange rates is a completely online business our business overheads are small compared to a high street bank.

Bank exchange rates can save you money on transferring overseas

But more importantly, bank exchange rates service our clients directly rather than you having to go through four different people all trying to take a little cut. The main worry for all of our customers have been the safety of their money and quite rightly. Bank exchange rates only use and promote fully regulated and authorised by the FCA, and are also regulated by HM Customs and Excise and hold a client fund account so your money is quite secure.

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