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Why do High Street Banks Offer Different Exchange Rates?

While banks continue to provide a viable service in the digital age, they can still be relied upon to unnecessary complicate even the most simple of transactions. Take exchange rates, for example, which in theory should be simple and easy to understand. After all, these refer to the value of one currency when it is exchanged with another, and they are applied whether you are buying funds for a trip abroad or trading forex through an electronic platform such as Oanda. This issue is complicated by factors such as commission fees and variable rates, which move in unison with the market. Banks…

are we seeing the possibility of a nuclear exchange

Three things worked in the dollar's favour, helping it to strengthen by a cent against the euro and by a cent and a half against sterling. The first two were employment-related US statistics. Friday's figure for the monthly change in nonfarm payrolls showed 29k more people in work than analysts…

EUR and USD weekly currency update

EUR weekly currency update For a second week the British pound shared the tail-end slot with the US dollar. Having lost an average of -0.9% the previous week they are down by -1.4% over the last seven days, sterling with a loss of two euro cents. Its problems were a mix of economic and political…

Why did the Euro rise and US dollar fall?

According to the European Central Bank, the US dollar is suffering a massive decrease while the Euro steadily increases. The Euro sky-rocketed to a nine-day increase above the US dollar. President of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi commented on the matter. Not only the US dollar but the…

China forced labour causing the US Dollar to slide

The United States of America (USA) has revealed its intentions of listing the People’s Republic of China among the worst offenders when it comes to human trafficking as well as forced labour. The move is likely to affect the relationship between the two states. A source close to the congressional h…

How old is the Euro? Euro was virtually born in 1999

The Euro is an international currency used by the institutions of the European Union, the same way it is the official currency of 19 out of 28 states of the Union. History The Euro was virtually born in 1999, is a goal of the European Union since the 1960’s, and began to circulate in 2002, rapidly t…

Postponing the health-care bill sinks the price of the Dollar

If you are an expert or just a regular man that has an interest in the currency than this article may be what are you looking for. We will discuss what is happening with the dollar and how does it sinking from day to day. You probably heard about what happened in the baseball game and since that…

sending large sum of money to be transferred online

Big businesses and organisations often need to transfer a lot of money offshore. This could be needed to buy property. A large sum could also be required to make a large purchase. This purchase could be of any kind. But whenever you would need to send a huge amount overseas, the task is quite…

Egypt's economy is starting to see signs of recovery

Has Egypt's economy finally started to recover after the fall of President Mubarak where the new lift in currency transfer limits announced on Wednesday 14th June will be the test? Early this year Egypt faced a major dilemma over its currency policy. The announcement to float' the Egyptian Currency…

Banks charging what they like on money transfers

In an article appearing in the Guardian, when in January this 2017 senior Santander executives assembled in the principality of Andorra, the group's “innovation director” warned that a big part of its profits was facing risks. This was due to the fact that stimulus margins it earns on money tra…

How Brexit has affected the pound

12 months on and it is interesting to see just how much Brexit has affected the pound so far. The pound is down against a basket of currencies, notably, it is down 15% against the US, Australian and New Zealand dollars and 13% against the Euro. The pound had a reprise on Wednesday when data showed…

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