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Postponing the health-care bill sinks the price of the Dollar

Published on 4 July 2017 in News - Pages by Raffick Marday

If you are an expert or just a regular man that has an interest in the currency than this article may be what are you looking for. We will discuss what is happening with the dollar and how does it sinking from day to day. You probably heard about what happened in the baseball game and since that day the market is not the same. If you are not familiar the congressman was shot. The stock has been falling since then and the dollar is going down. Here is what it was happening on Tuesday.

Is Healthcare responsible?

This may be one of the major reasons why is the dollar at such low price. Postponing the health-care bill is putting so much pressure on the buck. This is all done because the Republican said they have no intention to vote for the bill in this form. The bill will have so many consequences including the twenty-two million people without health care. Alfonso Esparza said that Trumps administration is losing political capital. This is destructive for the dollar. Janet Yellen said that rate growth will be slow and the Fed will bypass unstable markets. She also said that another crisis is not going to be in our period of time.

Under pressure

Home-price this year was robust and now it is pulled a little. The dollar has come under pressure and as the Mario Draghi said in a speech in Portugal this will result in accommodating broadly change. It was enough to impact the euro which was raised against the dollar. It was at one point four percent more against the USD.

Dollar sinks So why is the US Dollar at such low price?

Inflation may affect Italy at a very large percentage. Mellor said, “Italy will be on its own and the consequences on that are simply unknown”. as for the other currencies when you look at the pound, it was worth 1.2799 dollars and when it is compared with late Monday it was 1.2721. This means it is going up point six percent. This was happened due to the deal that was made with Northern Ireland. To be more exact with the Democratic Unionist Party. Theresa May was pulling the strings in this deal.

Against the Yen

It is maybe a surprise that the dollar was a little bit stronger against the yen. It was gone from 111.87¥ to the 111.87¥. The late Monday was unexpected more than you thought.


This was all happening because of the struggle of the voting and Obamacare. If the Republican are controlling the White House and Senate would it be more easy for them to decide what they are going to do? Apparently not, this was not the case, it seems like they are incapable of creating and getting something done. Europe seems to be following this laziness and Germany along with France are not going to support Trump. This was all happening on Tuesday and now the situation is still in the air. What the outcome will be we can just wait and we will see. Until that This Three Currency news article -Tuesday will help you get an image of what is going on.

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